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Embrace the Legendary Gundala on a Stylish Sarong

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Illustration of the superhero Gundala, drawn by Mad Matt Design, an illustration agency from Malang City.
Illustration of the superhero Gundala collaborating with Sobat Gurun Clothes, drawn by Mad Matt Design.

Discover the Local Indonesian Superhero - Gundala

Gundala, the iconic local Indonesian superhero owned by Bumilangit, took the nation by storm when its movie was released on Netflix in 2019. With a thrilling storyline and captivating characters, Gundala quickly became a symbol of Indonesian pride.

This image contains the poster for the Gundala Movie (2019).
Gundala Movie (2019) Poster
The 2019 Netflix Movie Release

The film adaptation of Gundala brought the superhero to life on the silver screen, introducing a new generation to his heroic adventures. The movie's success further solidified Gundala's place in Indonesian pop culture.

Collaboration with Sobat Gurun: A Hype Clothing Brand

In an exciting collaboration, Mad Matt Design joined forces with Sobat Gurun, a popular Indonesian hype clothing company founded by the renowned comedian, Tretan Muslim. Together, they decided to immortalize Gundala's legacy on a unique canvas - the sarong.

The sarong product resulting from the collaboration between Gundala and Sobat Gurun, created by Mad Matt Design.
The sarong product resulting from the collaboration between Gundala and Sobat Gurun, created by Mad Matt Design.

A Unique Illustration Experience with Mad Matt Design

Mad Matt Design's team of talented illustrators took on the challenge to bring Gundala's heroic essence to life on the sarong. Their artistic prowess combined with a passion for Indonesian superheroes resulted in stunning illustrations that capture Gundala's spirit and courage.

How to Order Your Custom Gundala Sarong

Are you ready to embrace the hero within? To order your exclusive Gundala sarong, head to Sobat Gurun's website directly. For custom illustrations like Gundala, simply click Get In Touch on our website to kickstart your unique artistic journey. Unleash your passion for Indonesian superheroes today!

Don't miss out on the chance to wear your favorite hero and display your admiration for Indonesian pop culture with pride. Order your Gundala sarong now and become part of the superhero legacy!

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