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Established in 2014, Mad Matt Design is professional design and illustrator studio based in Indonesia with our roots in the music and entertainment industries. We help some of the world’s most prominent brands and bands tell their stories through design and illustration.

Noviar Rahmat, founder of Mad Matt Design
Noviar Rahmat




Mad Matt Design was founded in 2014 by Noviar Rahmat. This studio started with the formation of one artist and one co-artist. At first, Mad Matt Design did more of the design for the band's tour posters and music merchandise. 


Now, Mad Matt Design team already has 5 artists with various uniqueness and styles of each. Which makes Mad Matt Design style even more unique. Our team has more than five years of experience in this field.

In 2016 Mad Matt mostly worked on horror illustrations, but so far we've grown our team to work on a variety of purposes such as product packaging, book covers, flags and we want to expand our audience with a distinctive Mad Matt Design touch.


In 2020, our founder was nominated for an award at the 2020 AMI Awards as a graphic designer.

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