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Elevate Your Medieval Madness Pinball Experience

Side blade artwork for Medieval Madness Pinball, created by Mad Matt Design.

If you're a pinball enthusiast, you know that a pinball machine isn't just a game; it's a work of art. And what better way to enhance the aesthetics of your pinball machine than with custom-designed side blade art? At Mad Matt Design, we're passionate about combining classic pinball nostalgia with fresh, original artwork. In this article, we'll take you on a journey through our creative process as we worked on Medieval Madness, a timeless pinball classic.

The World of Medieval Madness

Medieval Madness, a pinball machine released by Williams in 1997, is a beloved classic in the pinball community. With its medieval theme, humorous animations, and challenging gameplay, it has earned its place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike. When we received a commission to create custom side blade art for Medieval Madness, we were thrilled to contribute to the pinball experience.

Medieval Madness (Pinball, Williams 1997)
Medieval Madness (Pinball, Williams 1997)

The Inspiration

Our mission was clear: pay homage to the original Medieval Madness artwork while infusing our unique style into the design. We wanted the side blades to seamlessly blend with the existing visuals of the machine, creating an immersive experience for players.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

To achieve this, we carefully studied the game's original artwork. We paid close attention to the characters, colors, and overall tone that defined Medieval Madness. Our goal was not to overshadow the existing design but to complement and enhance it. We knew that pinball enthusiasts have a deep appreciation for the history and artistry of these machines, and we respected that tradition.

Side blade artwork for Medieval Madness Pinball, created by Mad Matt Design.
Injecting Creativity

With a deep understanding of the source material, we began injecting our creativity into the project. We aimed to capture the essence of Medieval Madness by highlighting its whimsical and adventurous spirit. Our illustrations incorporated elements like knights, dragons, and medieval landscapes, all while maintaining a playful and vibrant atmosphere.

The Mad Matt Design Touch

At Mad Matt Design, we believe that pinball art should be visually captivating, engaging, and memorable. Our team of talented illustrators brought their unique perspectives to the Medieval Madness project, resulting in artwork that seamlessly merged classic and contemporary elements.

The Final Product

The culmination of our efforts was a set of custom side blade art pieces that transformed the Medieval Madness pinball machine. Players now enjoy an even more visually stimulating experience, with our artwork enhancing the overall ambiance of the game.

Side blade artwork for Medieval Madness Pinball, created by Mad Matt Design.
Side blade artwork for Medieval Madness Pinball, created by Mad Matt Design.

Elevate Your Pinball Experience

If you're a pinball enthusiast looking to take your game room to the next level, consider our custom pinball blade art services. Whether you own Medieval Madness, Jurassic Park, or any other pinball machine, our team at Mad Matt Design is ready to infuse it with fresh, captivating artwork.

Ready to elevate your pinball experience? Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your pinball machine to life with our custom illustration services. With Mad Matt Design, your pinball dreams are just an art piece away.

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